HellBound Bloggers (HBB)

HellBound Bloggers (HBB) is a web magazine covering topics like technology, business, lifestyle and off-beat information.


MoviesDrop is an Online Community of Movie Freaks & Film Buffs. Interesting facts and reviews everyday.


DeviceBAR is a Gadgets & Gizmos Bar. Apart from the fact we don’t talk about liquors, we mostly focus on gadgets (or devices) and the technologies behind it.

  • Why Your Guest Post Was Not Accepted On Our Blog(s) 

    We appreciate every single guest post we get and we analyse them properly so that we can both get the benefits. But we do face some situations where we have to decline your guest posts.

  • Checklist For Slashsquare Guest Authors 

    If you want to increase the probability of getting your guest post published, you should analyze how other guest posts are accepted. For that, we present this “Guest Blogging Checklist”.

  • Introducing MoviesDrop, Because Movies Are Like Gold Mine 

    I became a die-hard movie freak when I started to learn from movies. That's why I used the word "Gold Mine" in this blog post title. You can learn stuffs that your teacher didn't teach you in School or College.

  • Slashsquare Network – Indian Blog Network 

    When I started HBB I thought one blog was enough for me to survive in this tremendous field and that thought worked for me for couple of months, but then I realized the topics which I admire cannot be covered on one blog.